Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Or maybe these should be “Questions We Wish You’d Ask (QWWYA),” since really, what questions could people ask about us?

What is BibliOBSESSED?

BibliOBSESSED (the newsletters) are scannable, actionable, easily digestible emails that make you sound smarter. Basically, it’s a member-based newsletter about good stuff we read (and listened to and watched) for you.

When does it go out?

It goes out every Friday morning at 6 AM Central.

Who’s the ideal reader?

Very specifically?

ENTPs and ESTJs.

(If you don’t know about Myers-Briggs, check out Personality Hacker for the quick lowdown—specifically, ENTP stuff and ESTJ stuff. Below is a highlight of ENTP/ESTJ characteristics from Personality Hacker.)


  • Love pushing buttons and trying things,

  • Are super rational,

  • Love accuracy,

  • Love ideas,

  • Love possibilities,

  • Love science and geeking out,

  • Want to be seen as competent and capable,

  • BUT get bored easily,

  • Are prone to starting (but only partially finishing) things,

  • Struggle with day-to-day execution of things, and

  • Don’t like to feel trapped (like in a single book for too long, let’s say).


  • Like getting things done,

  • Are able to manage resources well,

  • Are practical and direct,

  • Like to “bull-charge” through things,

  • Like doing the “right” thing,

  • Are results-oriented,

  • BUT are impatient and

  • Don’t like to waste time (like reading a ton of books on a topic, for example, when you could just give them the highlights).

The backstory

As the head reader behind BibliOBSESSED (that’s me, Amber—an INFJ, which will be relevant later), I’m married to an ENTP and have a sister who’s an ESTJ, so I’ve learned a little bit about how they tick over the years.

The ENTP husband is constantly curious, but he’s also very prone to boredom. He loves learning, but has trouble committing to anything for too long (or even at all sometimes). He’s come around to reading more (since books are slowly taking over our house, and since certain topics he actually can commit to in depth), but in general, he loves scanning and pressing buttons and exploring rabbit holes in a more constant stream of consciousness. We’ll have conversations about so many things, I’ll mention something in passing or that I’m interested in or reading at the moment, and some time later, he’ll come back and mention looking up more details on the topic on Wikipedia or YouTube. He loves learning and exploring, but boredom and commitment issues keep him from being a dedicated reader.

The ESTJ sister loves improving, making things better and more efficient, and getting things done, but she’s too impatient and can’t be slowed down long enough to read a million books (I, on the other hand, would dedicate my life to reading a million books!). Over the years, she’s figured out she can call on me for almost any topic, and I’ll be able to point her in a direction (and I’ve learned over the years to give her the highlights and “best of” resources, because she wants to be efficient). In college, she’d get me (or her boyfriend/now-husband) to read things for her (or would at least try really hard to convince us to). She’s a little like Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins in that way. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As an INFJ, I love reading and deep-diving into books (and podcasts and YouTube and blogs), and it wasn’t until I decided to do BibliOBSESSED that I realized the two of them (their personalities, more generally) were perfect target customers for it!

What’s the benefit to being a BibliOBSESSED subscriber?

There’s a lot of good info out there, but it can be hard to filter through all of it and find the good, meat-and-potatoes kind of stuff (especially if you’re prone to getting bored or being impatient with all the weeding). First, we get the boredom and impatience (there’s just too much to see and do in this world to get stuck in a book, at least from your perspective), but second, we LOVE getting stuck in books—loooove—so why not let us be your “reader” friends so that you can go out and push buttons and get things done?

Fact is, we get the button-pushing and stuff-doing side of things, but we know you secretly wish you could be a reader, too (at least sometimes). There’s just no time for both, which is why people like YOU exist and people like US exist. In harmony. Happy. Together. Like Maverick and Goose.

Fine, Goose dies in the end. Like Step-Brothers then.

I would love a reader BFF! Where can I subscribe (and how much does it cost)?

Glad you asked! And, it’s actually a little tricky (or can be).

First, you’ll need to SUBSCRIBE by email.

You can subscribe here.

Second, you’ll need to BECOME A PAID MEMBER in order to receive the newsletter.

You have to become a paid member in order to receive all issues of the newsletter. To do that, be sure to go to the members page to upgrade and then be sure to confirm your subscription via email.

You should receive an email that looks something like this. (Note: Within the email confirmation, you’ll want to click the “Looks good, save it” button in order to begin charging your card.)


You’ll then be taken to a web confirmation page that looks something like this. (Note: This is where you can update your membership going forward, too.)

Oh, and cost. BibliOBSESSED is forever $5/mo thanks to our partner and sponsor, Chicken Sh*t Conquers the Planet (yes, really, and you should definitely check it out).

Help! I’m a BETA user, and I received an email receipt saying I was charged. What do I do?

Beta users are forever free (thanks for your initial support of BibliOBSESSED!). :) If you signed up through the beta link, it would have showed that you received a 100% discount like this …

Discount page example.png

… then you would have received a confirmation email that looks like this (Note: You would need to click to confirm changes. That’s important.) …


… then you would have received another email confirming you as a member (this one says that you were charged, but note that you actually weren’t; we just can’t edit those email messages for beta members, so it goes out to ALL members, regardless of if they’re actually charged), something like this …

Beta email confirmation example.png

… and, again, as a beta member (or anyone who signed up through a 100% free forever link), you should NOT have been charged (even though the email said you were and will be going forward). That email is just standard for ALL members, regardless of if you were beta (free) or not. If you want to be extra sure, just watch your bank / credit card charges, and if you see that you were, in fact, charged (you shouldn’t be), then let us know. (Note: We’ve watched it a few times to verify on both the member and our end, and everything looks okay, but you know … technology.)

What topics do you cover?

We cover three main categories: WORK, LIFE, and SELF. Under that, we have all kinds of sub-categories (aka, tags), but we promise to try to cover these sub-categories frequently (since we know they’re your favorites; ENTPs and ESTJs, we’re talking to you!):

  • Business-y things,

  • Science-y things,

  • GTD (getting things done) kinds of things,

  • Working/Being smarter kinds of things.

I love BibliOBSESSED and want to tell all my friends! (Good, and we love you, too.)

Please send all of your rich ENTP/ESTJ friends (just kidding, it’s only $5 a month). Have them subscribe here.